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Telling people you're planning your wedding is like decorating your home - everyone has an opinion and everyone wants to help.

The only problem with asking for help of those near and dear to you is that everyone's opinion is different. You can't make everyone happy, so whose help should you take? You've got your parents asking for something traditional. Your friends are hoping for something different to the six weddings they've been to this year. Then there's yourselves to consider. What is it that you really want?

And yet, as much as everyone offers to help, the responsibility of deciding on the venue, figuring out who to invite, making sure it all goes off without a hitch and doing your best to make sure everyone has a great time inevitably falls on your shoulders. As much as you’ve been looking forward to planning your wedding, it doesn’t mean you like doing it all the time. It's not all cake tastings and flower arrangements.

At Holden Bespoke we work every single day to solve the biggest problem with planning a wedding.
Everybody is guessing.
You might be guessing at how much a caterer should cost (when you have never hosted a party this big) or guessing whether the ice cream cart you’ve set your heart on can serve genuine gelato, not just raspberry ripple. You might be waking up at 4am, guessing if your running order has anything missing and guessing whether you’ll ever find a place that hires mid-century modern furniture, not just banqueting chairs and neon Chesterfields.

The point is you could be missing out on some brilliant spaces, great people and spot on details if you spend the whole time guessing.

You could be cutting down on the hundreds of emails and hours needed to coordinate everything properly. You could be bringing your design ideas from a flurry of excitement to an expertly executed day without sacrificing your time as an engaged couple and giving up every moment to THE BIG DAY.

You want to make more informed decisions, cut down on research, avoid endless email chains and, at the end of the day, throw a kick ass party. And that's exactly what we do.

Think of us as the Mr Miyagi to your Karate Kid, nothing gets past us!
So that's what you can find on this website.
Whether you're planning to DIY your big day but could do with a step-by-step guide to knocking it out of the park, or your plan is on it's way and all you need is a quick one-on-one to hash out some details you're not sure of, there's something here for you.

On the other hand if you've breezed through your engagement, started to look at planning this thing and found that your brain has given you a resounding mental rejection to the hundreds of emails and hours you'll need to coordinate everyone properly and turn your 2 hour pinning sessions, dinner party rants and 4am furniture crises into an expertly executed and stress free wedding. Well, then our wedding planning service has got you covered with everything you need*.

Oh and there are plenty of articles with controversial opinions, a sprinkling of sarcasm and the odd gem of wisdom to get you through this with a smile on your face, a spring in your step and a G&T; in your hand.

*well behaved guests not included

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