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June 2016

Category: Destination Guides, How to


One of the first (and biggest) decisions that you’ll make in the whole wedding planning process is finding the perfect venue, but before you get that far one thing you’ll ask yourself is… “where in the world shall we get married?” With so many options available there can be a lot of pressure to findRead More

May 2016

Category: Guests, Sticky Situations

Perfect responses to every person who expects to be invited to your wedding... but isn't

I get a lot of questions about guest list politics and etiquette. Couples always find it hard to tell friends, family or people they run into at the supermarket that they’re not going to be invited. Avoiding the question is the worst thing you can do. Speaking to couples I get a feel for whatRead More

April 2016

Category: Destination Guides

A quick guide to to best places in venice

  Whether you’re headed there on a break, for a wedding, honeymoon or just keeping your eyes open for places that you can bookmark and file away under the ‘payday’ folder, Venice is perfect for all of those things. Here’s the rub – I used to live there – so it’s a place my heartRead More

April 2016

Category: Weddings 101

The 3 obvious reasons you find it hard to talk to children at weddings

Do these kids ever stop? It’s the question that crosses everyone’s minds when a gravy train of 5 year olds barrels past your heels and completes its third lap around the cake table, to the horror of the bride’s mother (and the amusement of the groomsmen). If you’ve decided (whether by choice, indifference or whenRead More

March 2016

Category: Life, Weddings 101

Why is planning your wedding like bidding on eBay?

We all know the feeling, watching the clock tick down from 59 seconds, your heartbeat unable to find any kind of calm rhythm, beads of sweat creeping their way down your forehead as your index finger hovers over that big red button that could either save the world… or destroy it. To bid? Or notRead More

February 2016

Category: Pinch Punch First of the Month


Pinch, Punch, First of the Month! Here’s my list of things that have caught my eye in life, weddings and the internet, to help you firmly swipe this months demanding list of ‘things to do’ into the trash. Can we talk about the fact that there’s only one day in every FOUR YEARS when it’sRead More

February 2016

Category: Groom Talk

What if you can't find a best man?

Best Men are everywhere. From the guy you sit next to every day and complain to whenever you get another email from Elaine in accounting saying your invoice is wrong. To the guy you spent years playing an escalating game of one-upmanship with. The the bartender/barber/coach who you actively look forward to seeing but haven’tRead More

February 2016

Category: Weddings 101


Let me ask you a question. Have you ever been hangry? You know when you’re supposed to be responding to a full inbox before your meeting at 11am and all you can think about is “I totally shouldn’t have skipped breakfast this morning”, because your stomach has decided that today of all days is theRead More

February 2016

Category: Budget, Priorities

Please don't show anybody your wedding budget

You know those moments when you sit down to look at your wedding budget and you start to feel sort of… out of your depth? When you’re trying to balance each expense against the other (plate spinning style) to come up with something resembling a realistic total but are actually just shuffling numbers around onRead More

January 2016

Category: Pinch Punch First of the Month

The first of the month brings three realisations: You’re now one month closer to your wedding and still have a huge list of things to do. Everyone pretends to ‘turn over a new leaf’ at the start of the month. Why is this even a thing? They spent the entirety of last month putting thingsRead More