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April 2016

Category: Weddings 101

The 3 obvious reasons you find it hard to talk to children at weddings

Do these kids ever stop? It’s the question that crosses everyone’s minds when a gravy train of 5 year olds barrels past your heels and completes its third lap around the cake table, to the horror of the bride’s mother (and the amusement of the groomsmen). If you’ve decided (whether by choice, indifference or whenRead More

March 2016

Category: Life, Weddings 101

Why is planning your wedding like bidding on eBay?

We all know the feeling, watching the clock tick down from 59 seconds, your heartbeat unable to find any kind of calm rhythm, beads of sweat creeping their way down your forehead as your index finger hovers over that big red button that could either save the world… or destroy it. To bid? Or notRead More

February 2016

Category: Weddings 101


Let me ask you a question. Have you ever been hangry? You know when you’re supposed to be responding to a full inbox before your meeting at 11am and all you can think about is “I totally shouldn’t have skipped breakfast this morning”, because your stomach has decided that today of all days is theRead More