Not everybody needs a wedding planner


It's not a secret that hiring a wedding planner isn't for everyone. No matter how much you would love to make the fun decisions and let someone else organise everything, it's not always possible, or in the budget to hire a full time planner. Don't get us wrong, we are wedding planners and we know how much smoother the process is when you've got a professional on your team.
If you've got your heart set on having a full time planner and it's in your budget, then we say go for it. But even if that's not the case it doesn't mean you couldn't do with a little advice from time to time, so we want to help you exactly when you need it.
This is where our consultations come into play

So how does it work?

When you book one (or more) of our one-on-one consultation sessions this is what will happen:

In this email we'll also include a questionnaire for you to fill in so we can get an idea of what your plans are, where you're up to and what you need help with. This lets us get up to speed before our session, giving you more time to pick our brains during our 60 minute Skype call.

Once you've filled in the questionnaire and sent it back to us we'll schedule a live one-on-one session at a time to suit you.

In our session we'll go over your questionnaire then answer any other questions you may have forgotten to mention.

Following that we'll send you a summary of what we discussed in our session with a few bonus pointers.

You can book more sessions later down the line to make sure you're still on track. We're always here if you need us!

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Rave Reviews

Laura’s advice was brilliant! I was struggling to find the right person to take care of hair and make up for my wedding. Laura quickly picked my brains for what I wanted and came back with some great recommendations, one of whom I booked and was fantastic on the day.
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What if I just need an On-the-Day Coordinator?*

*Works particularly well with weddings in:

Warehouses, gardens, at home, deconsecrated churches, industrial buildings, fields, the great outdoors, restaurants or other tricky-but-awesome locations.
You’ve chosen the venue, the menu, the seating but creeping closer to the big day logistical challenges start to peek their pesky heads over the horizon. You had a brilliant idea that your Aunt can be in charge of where the cake goes, one of the groomsmen can deal with suppliers who need their final payment on the day and cousin Jack can make sure the band get set up in time. But that means one of two things: they all go perfectly as planned and those much loved guests miss out on the best part of your day or they have one too many cocktails after the ceremony and completely forget what they were supposed to be doing. Not ideal. The closer you get the more questions you have:

What time exactly should the band be there if they need to wire up their kit before the guests arrive for the ceremony?

Is there a safe and cool place for the cake to stay behind the scenes whilst the flurry of catering activity buzzes past?

Do I really want to leave my guests to make sure the drinks are chilled before they come out between the ceremony and dinner?

If you want to throw your hands up in despair just contemplating this then why not meet us in the middle? We are the ones who get up super early/stay up super late on your big day to supervise the build of the marquee, set up the tables with those awesome napkins and fancy cutlery you hired, manage the timeline (the one we prepared six weeks ago with you to ensure all bases were covered), tell the band where they can keep their gear in a safe place, make sure your gifts are stored, sort out food for your photographer so they don’t collapse and much, much more.

What does on-the-day wedding coordination cover?

Planning from around six to eight weeks before your big day

Making sure your suppliers know the plan (parking, storage, when and where to be!)

Putting together a running order that will get the party started

Handling all those fun back and forth emails with suppliers in the weeks before

Floor plans (if your venue is particularly awesome – meaning particularly awkward) this is something you’ll definitely need

Set up of your ceremony and reception on the day

Supervising all loading and unloading of furniture, marquees, crockery and cutlery

A wedding manager on the day to take care of any problems that pop up and making sure everything goes off without a hitch

Unloading the venue after your wedding (trust us, you don’t want to see this bit when you're partying the night away!)

Managing all logistics on the day – if your ceremony needs to become a reception pronto then we are there to make this happen

Struggling with a couple of last minute suppliers? Don’t worry, we’ll get it covered.

Okay, I'm sold. Let's talk price.

We know you’re busy and you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t need some help untangling those strings so they don’t become a muddled up ball when you pull each one. That’s why on-the-day coordination is simple with us. No fuss, no muss and no beating around the bush – it’s £749 for all the above (and we think that's a steal!)

Let's do this!

Great! We’re glad to hear it. All you need to do now is fill in some information and we’ll get cracking. Weird and wonderful locations are our jam so let us know as much as you can up front and we'll make sure we’re all over those details (like nutella on crepes – get out of here jam!).