A Quick Guide to the Best Places in Venice

Posted By | April 2016


Whether you’re headed there on a break, for a wedding, honeymoon or just keeping your eyes open for places that you can bookmark and file away under the ‘payday’ folder, Venice is perfect for all of those things. Here’s the rub – I used to live there – so it’s a place my heart always goes back to, but it bugs the hell out of me when people say “you can do Venice in a weekend!” Small place, biiiig mistake. In a whole year (and multiple subsequent visits) I haven’t managed to do everything there is to do, although I definitely did try as many of the gelato and spritz establishments as I could.


A quick guide to to best places in venice


If you find yourself heading to Venice with no more than a couple of days and want to impress your travel companion with some insider knowledge then this is THE handy cheat sheet you need. Slap a knowing smile on your smug mug, stick this interactive map on your phone (or click the little star next to ‘Venice Favourites | Holden Bespoke’ to save it to your Google Maps app) and breeze through your trip.


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