How To Choose The Right Location For Your Wedding

Posted By | June 2016

One of the first (and biggest) decisions that you’ll make in the whole wedding planning process is finding the perfect venue, but before you get that far one thing you’ll ask yourself is… “where in the world shall we get married?” With so many options available there can be a lot of pressure to find your dream venue but to give you a head start here are my top tips to find where you should stick a pin in the map.




Is there a spot that’s sentimental to you? Have you always wanted to marry near your childhood home or do you feel more yourself in the new town you’ve built a life together in? Choosing a geographical location that has emotional significance can add a special layer of poignancy to your day – especially if it means something to your relationship – I’ve seen some gorgeous weddings at Universities where couples met, gardens strolled through on first dates and restaurants that provided the backdrop for romantic proposals!


Think about your guest list – are you dreaming of a huge celebration, or something intimate with your nearest and dearest? If a big bash appeals consider choosing a location that friends and family will be able to get to easily, at the very least with some accessible accommodation options at a variety of price ranges. If the thought of an enormous celebration fills you with dread then a destination wedding easily cuts down the guest list.


If you can’t stop thinking about an outdoor wedding in sunnier climes than Britain then it’s worth thinking about tying the knot abroad. Europe offers some incredibly romantic and unusual locations, from the rolling vineyards of Tuscany to the snow capped mountains of the Alps there are stunning lakes, ancient castles, flower filled gardens, grand ballrooms and more – if you’re after a little continental flavour as a backdrop to your special day.

Not only that, a destination wedding is a great excuse to make your wedding into a weekend or even a week-long get away with the people you love most in the world. While you can get married abroad it can be a bit tricky to negotiate the legalities of weddings abroad, so many couples choose to make it official beforehand in their own country. Make sure you check guidelines from the country you’re marrying in before making any decisions or signing any contracts.

To help with your deliberations here are a few of my favourite things in some incredible locations across the globe:


A cosmopolitan city-vibe for youthful, vibrant couples who love the bright lights of the big city. From enormous luxury venues to relaxed, boho pubs London can offer it all.

For: Couples who want a stylish celebration and call the city home.


From beautiful gardens, stately homes, barns, tipis and so much more there’s nothing so quintessentially British.
For: Couples who want their wedding to look and feel like Downton Abbey


Easy to get to from Britain and fantastic options for big groups to stay together. From farmhouse style-rustic to Chateaux France can offer sweep-you-off-your-feet romance.
For: Couples who want to make at least a long weekend of it.


Only a couple of hours on the Eurostar but the chicest of chic locations. If macarons are on your ‘I do’ to do list make Paris your first destination to check out.
For: The most glamorous of couples.


With winding roads around vineyards, lakes and the sea there is so much to discover in Italy – not least the most incredible food and wine.
For: Couples who want to make sure their wedding has the best food ever.


If nothing will do but crystal clear seas and beautiful sunshine then check out some beach wedding destinations. For smaller wedding parties willing to travel the search can pay off!
For: Couples looking for a relaxed, sun-soaked vibe.


Whilst it’s difficult to sum up the whole of the USA with it’s different state cultures, foods, architecture and weather the USA can offer some incredible venues and leads the way with wedding industry trends.
For: Trend setting couples looking for amazing service.


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