Life is short

Don’t settle for ugly carpets

Wedding searches have a tendency to come up with the same results: hotels with maroon, swirl-patterned carpet, meals that you’d never even order at a restaurant never mind serve at a dinner party and chair covers in that slightly off-white colour designed to hide the stains of previous events these veterans of parties have seen.

Let's not beat around the bush, unduplicatable is what you're going for. The glances of the V&A and Royal Albert Hall as you arrive, the softness of light from those epic windows, the feeling of relaxation as you slip into those inviting oak chairs. Why shouldn’t you take centre stage in London on the most exciting day of your life so far? A city that has given you the opportunities to pursue, to challenge, to live and to love. But most of all, the place you call home.

Kensington, full of luxury and history, but this is a Kensington wedding with a difference - modern, elegant, dramatic and romantic.

Boring water glasses are for boring people

It’s easy to buck the boring glasses and cause a bit of a stir with your table set up and desserts: a few items to infuse some colour, texture and personality combined with gorgeous flowers. You want your guests to be sitting down to a carefully curated and delicious dinner? Taking a seat is where the experience starts.

Kick those 70’s sleeves to the kerb, this is not your mother’s dress

No matter what, all eyes will be on you and you want to give them something to remember, right? This dress, with a simple bodice but full skirt of perfect petals hits all the right notes for a modern bride. Keep the accessories statement or simple; let your style do the talking.

Not just a pretty face

Ok, they are pretty but flowers also pull double duty. Gorgeous garlands guide your guests up the staircase, showing a hint of what is to come and a peek of your signature style for the day. Not only that but they bring together the whole picture of your elegant, modern affair. Subtle changes in the arrangements here develop as the day does, charting a course from soft, romantic ceremony shades to deeper, dramatic dinner tones.

London in style

Whether it’s by the falafel shop you’ve visited time and again or the coffee place by the V&A you love to go to with your parents, you’re never more than a short Uber (or classic Jaguar if you're feeling fancy) from London’s iconic buildings . If it’s your home, or just for the day, there’s no other stage quite like it.

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