Pinch, Punch, First of the Month #1

Posted By | January 2016

The first of the month brings three realisations:

  1. You’re now one month closer to your wedding and still have a huge list of things to do.
  2. Everyone pretends to ‘turn over a new leaf’ at the start of the month. Why is this even a thing? They spent the entirety of last month putting things off, is this just some evil plan to set us all up for failure again?
  3. This month your savings are definitely going to go towards wedding deposits. *spots new Anthroplogie store*.

This new month has schlepped it’s way into the room, slammed its expectations onto the kitchen table, stomped out its cigar and given you a stern look of disappointment. So in a brash and defiant retort, I’m starting an alternative new series called Pinch, Punch, First of the Month, where I’ll be sharing some of the things that have caught my eye in life, weddings and the internet, to help you firmly swipe this months demanding list of ‘things to do’ into the trash.

Because the first of the month only comes around every 30 days and doesn’t get to bust in here and make you feel guilty.

  1. Looking for a saucy bedside photo but feeling like this is a one-sided deal? Boudoir photoshoots seem to be everywhere at the moment, but something I’ve never EVER seen before is a ‘Dudeoir’ shoot with such on-point poses!
  2. Remember that moment when you decided the best way to get wedding inspiration was to buy all the wedding magazines? You probably shared a lot of these thoughts. But hey, keeping a magazine fresh and different is a tough job and when your boss suggests gothic cakes for this issue, you just roll with it.
  3. Finding unique ways of capturing a wedding can be difficult sometimes (hands up those who have asked a photographer if they can do ‘large family shots of everyone’… *slowly raises hand*), but this Australian photographer gets up close and personal with guests and captures weddings through their eyes. Well, through reflections in their eyes, not literally through their eyes, weirdo.
  4. Reddit is not normally somewhere I’d suggest heading to for wedding advice, but every so often something surprises you, like that person I accidentally sat down on on the Victoria Line last week. If you’re spending more time worrying about entertaining your guests than concentrating on each other, read this discussion on The Wedding Paradox and remember: it’s your wedding!
  5. Hearing from other couples is one of the best ways to get perspective on how you’re doing with your wedding planning. This January one of my gorgeous industry friends Julie started her journey as a Lovette on Love My Dress with the story of her dreamy proposal in St Lucia. I’m so excited to see her bring Scandi style big time!

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