Sticking With Your Wedding Venue, Even When You’re Having Second Thoughts

Posted By | January 2016


The number of hours you’ve spent finding the perfect wedding venue.


The number of venues you shortlisted.


The number of venues you’ve visited.


The modern venue you set your heart on and booked.

Spending all that time and emotional energy finding the place that, in one year’s time you’re going come together with friends and family to tie the knot, is an incredibly intense process and a really big decision. With so much invested (both in late nights and in £££’s) it’s hard to think of your wedding taking place anywhere else.

Putting a deposit down on a venue gives you two feelings at once: relief to just have something to tick off the list and excitement at finally being able to move on to planning the fun things.

The best (read: worst) moment comes three months down the line when you’re two glasses of wine into a conversation about your wedding plans and Emma casually drops a surprise bombshell:

“Did you hear that Sam and Alex are getting married there too?”

Thanks Emma, thanks a bunch.

With this one revelation you’ve come to the sobering reality that almost no wedding venue is unique. All you can think about now is what their wedding is going to be like and how it’s going to be compared to yours. Starting to doubt your choice of wedding venue is pretty much the worst feeling you can have: all that time, all that effort, all those ideas, all those dreams!

So what’s your next course of action? Should you cancel your booking? Should you take a hit on the deposit? Should you start the venue search from scratch?

While it’s easy to focus on what everyone else is doing (especially when it’s someone you know AND in the same venue) and get bogged down in outdoing Sam and Alex , it’s important not to forget your wedding.

You don’t have to change any plans just because someone else might have something similar. It’ll be a totally different day, a completely different atmosphere and, most importantly, filled with people who are important to you. You could have the most original venue in the world, turn an old London factory into a full on Secret Cinema style immersive wedding experience, hell, you could even have Beyonce sing your first freaking dance song. But without you, without your mum giving an unexpected and touching speech, without James cracking out his charm on both elderly relatives and children alike, and without your future partner in love, it’d be a pretty anti-climatic day.

You want to give everyone a day to remember? Then pursue that with all you’ve got. But don’t taint it by worrying about what someone else is doing.

So when you’re sat there nursing your second Pinot Noir, fuming at the world for throwing you this curve ball and thinking about throwing in the towel on your once-perfect wedding venue, remember one thing:

People are coming to your wedding for one thing.



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