Everyone talks about your wedding being the happiest day of your life. But there’s just one question: if you’re too busy to plan it, how can you enjoy it?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by juggling demanding work clients, long overdue plans with friends and family gatherings you really ought to go to? Do you feel like you’re drowning in a sea of venue options, confusing price quotes, email chains and Pinterest tabs taking up more of your time than you can afford to give? You’re not alone.

Too busy not to multi task?

Ever found yourself doing any of the following?
  • Responding to messages from friends in the back of an Uber that were sent how many weeks ago now?
  • Making a to-do list in your head during downward facing dog
  • Thinking about turning your phone off to play with your niece at the weekend but never actually doing it
  • Listening to Serial while driving to your out of town meeting and simultaneously going over your next presentation in your head
  • That ‘hang on I’ve got to respond to this before something hits the fan’ face when your phone vibrates during your one relaxed brunch of the year
  • Cancelling on dinner yet again because your project ran over time with last minute client alterations
  • Lying awake scrolling through nothing much in particular and realising it's 2am

Too busy to make time for each other?

Taking time to actually spend time together, rather than just being busy whilst in the same room is such an important and fun part of being engaged. Who says you can't make time to:
  • Organise a date night that doesn’t involve a work or networking event
  • Cook pancakes and sit down for breakfast together at the weekend, rather than your normal routine of grabbing something on the way to spin class
  • Go cycling on Hampstead Heath and break for a delicious lunch at The Wells Tavern
  • Use your Royal Academy membership to explore the exhibition together, not just the checklist from Time Out
  • Take a Vietnamese cooking class and learn how to make a mean Phở
  • Make concrete plans for your next holiday. When was the last time you didn’t feel guilty making time in the work calendar for a week off to spend time exploring the places Tripadvisor keeps reminding you that you want to go?
So how do you claim back that time, plan your wedding and carve out a functioning social life without sacrificing one for the other?


Your catch-all wedding planning service that gives you back your spare time, your sanity and, most importantly, your significant other.

Getting what you want

Would you let somebody come into your house and tell how they want to decorate it? Unless they were an awesome interior designer, then probably not. Your home is where you live (obviously) and where you let your personalities shine through - if you didn’t put you mark on it then it wouldn’t feel, well, home. Making choices for your wedding is no different and just because you don’t want to sacrifice your Sunday morning brunch to do hours of endless research doesn’t mean you should settle for less. You know what makes you tick, as a couple and individually, and you don’t do things by half. If you could get curated choices, tailored to fit your personality, vision and budget then wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing?

Prioritising the important

While there are inevitably compromises (I mean, Taylor Swift and Beyoncé might not be free to sing together on the date of your wedding) you need to know what will be the most important things on your day. We help you focus on the things that will have the biggest impact for you. Would you rather marry in a plethora of palms, or look out across a sea of blooms at dinner? What you see and feel on that day is so central to the whole – what are your can’t-live-withouts and what are would-be-nices? We can suggest ways to work around, incorporate or straight up guide you along.

Guests can be just that

Why are guests invited to weddings? To enjoy themselves, not to worry about what comes next. They're invited to your wedding to celebrate this exciting life change with you! Guests can appear very eager to help (either by genuine desire or reluctant obligation), but is that what you want? Do you want your guests to know the ins and outs of the choices you’ve made for your day or word to get around about the surprise midnight mac & cheese you’ve planned? If you’re like us you want the guest experience to start when they walk in the door. They might know the style you’ve gone for or the colour of bridesmaid dresses you chose but you want your guests discover your wedding on the day and cherish those treasured memories of surprise crafted just for them!

Enjoy your engagement

Conjure up the picture of your to-do list in your head and crossing off things you no longer have to worry about:
  • Look into wedding venues
  • Research photographers and contact for availability
  • Research different types of stationery and decide what we want
  • Enquire with registrar or celebrants on possible dates
With that time freed up you can push these things to the back of your mind, finish The Goldfinch, arrange to have drinks with your friends or just watch a whole film at home together, glass of Merlot in hand.

Because you got engaged to be together, not apart.

What can you stop worrying about?

Venue Sourcing

One size fits none. The industrial, modern garden setting you’re looking for? It’s out there, let us play matchmaker until your hearts say “oh hello you sexy thing, you.”

Supplier Curation

Extraordinarily talented (and lovely) people for hire. Hand-picked to suit you (and your pocket).


From copycat to trendsetter. Get ready to leave everything you’ve seen on Pinterest behind – yours will be the wedding everyone wants.

Etiquette & Traditions

Receiving lines are so 1940s. Dress code dramas, seating chart stresses, no-kid conundrums. We’ve got your back.

Guest Liaison

Savvy not skivvy. Being engaged is definitely not about reserving hotel rooms, being the go-to for travel plans or chasing RSVPs.

Budget Management

‘Cause our excel skills excel. *cringe* Due dates, contract checking, financial planning – it’s boring but we can help you breeze through it.


Email chains suck. Appointments, emails, schedules, queries - think of us as your wedding concierge.

On-the-day Coordination

You’ve got better things to do. Like, for example, getting married to the love of your life. That’s something you’re better off doing with no distractions.

Post Wedding Coordination

Trust us, you don’t want to see this bit. You know when a video pop ups on Facebook and your eyeballs feel assaulted, that’s how it feels looking at your beautiful wedding the day after. Nobody needs that.

Don't stress.


We’ll send you a short questionnaire to get the key details on how we can help you best.

Once you've filled in the questionnaire and sent it back to us we'll organise a meeting, whether that’s in person, on the phone or via Skype or FaceTime.

We'll discuss further what you’re looking for from your perfect wedding.

We’ll send you a bespoke proposal for planning your wedding.

Let us know that you want to be able to sit back and relax in the knowledge that you’ll be making the decisions you want to make and we’ll make it happen.


We take a limited number of clients per year so take advantage of this opportunity and fill out your information. We'll email you within 48 hours and get you on the road to The Wedding You Want!